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Common Reasons Why Dental Cavities May Develop

Woman eating a burgerThe best way to avoid developing a dental cavity is by caring for your oral health. This means brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing every day, and visiting Auburn Family Dental every 6 months for a dental cleaning and an exam. However, even if you take the best care of your teeth, there are still a few risk factors that can increase your odds of developing a dental cavity.

Dental Cavity Risk Factors

Below are a few things that can make you more susceptible to dental disease:

  • Use of Tobacco – Chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes can lead to discolored and yellow teeth, and will also weaken the tooth enamel. Prolonged use of tobacco can also contribute to gum disease and tooth decay as well as dental cavities.
  • Drugs and Alcohol – Drugs and alcohol both can cause harm to your dental health. Alcohol leads to dry mouth and is highly acidic. These can both put you at risk for cavities. Additionally, hard drugs such as methamphetamines have been shown to cause severe tooth rot and other overall health issues.
  • Eating Disorders – Both anorexia and bulimia can harm your oral health. Anorexia can deprive you of the nutrients needed to keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy. Bulimia regularly exposes your teeth to harmful stomach acid, which can eat away at the tooth enamel and cause cavities. 
  • Genetics – Genetics play a role in your dental health just like they do in anything else. If your genetics cause you to have higher numbers of harmful bacteria accumulating in your mouth, you may naturally be more vulnerable to dental cavities and tooth decay.

If you fall into any of the above risk categories, please make sure to contact Auburn Family Dental today for a dental cleaning and a checkup. To make an appointment for your family, please contact our Wichita, Kansas family dental office today.

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