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Teeth Whitening

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Tooth whitening is a popular procedure to make your smile whiter and brighter! Bleaching can be used to lighten stained and discolored teeth, or simply to enhance a dull smile. Either way, tooth whitening is a safe and relatively painless procedure for most patients. Our office offers two methods of whitening: in-office whitening and tray whitening.

Opalescence Boost is the in-office whitening procedure utilized at Auburn Family Dental and is ideal if you want immediate results. The whole process only takes about an hour. A protective gel is applied to your gums to protect the soft tissue. Then a special gel is applied to your teeth and allowed to penetrate the enamel. The result is dramatically whiter teeth that will last for years!

Tray whitening is a less-expensive and convenient, at-home whitening treatment. The results are more gradual. An impression is taken at our office in order to create a customized clear tray. Trays are generally ready within a few days, and you’ll be provided with instructions for how to apply the gel in the trays and how often to use it. Maximum whitening results and a dazzling smile are achieved at the end of the set treatment period.

For a whiter smile, call our dentist, Dr. Behnaz Raisdana at Auburn Family Dental today!