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Digital X-Ray

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Digital X-Rays are sent directly to a computer and can be immediately viewed onscreen, whereas traditional X-Rays need to be developed in a dark room.

There are many benefits to digital X-Rays, including:

  • Less radiation than traditional X-Rays
  • Less waiting time for the X-Rays to develop
  • Once taken, the X-Ray can be enlarged and enhanced onscreen, in order to make it easier to diagnose the problem
  • If you move away or need to be referred out of the office to a specialist, the images can be sent to another dentist electronically
  • Software added to the computer can help us digitally compare current images to previous ones in a process called subtraction radiography. Using this technique, everything that is the same between two images is taken out of the image, leaving a clear picture of only the portion that has changed. This helps dentists easily see the tiniest differences that may not have been noticed by the naked eye.