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3 Things That Happen During Your Dental Checkup

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Dental visits can be daunting for some people. Whether it's a regular checkup or a visit to consult about a serious issue, most people don't actually like the idea of going to a dentist. Still, the general recommendation is to visit the dentist at least once every 6 months or more if your dentist asks you to.

Therefore, you need to learn to deal with your fear of dentists and make it a regular habit for healthy teeth and gums.

In reality, dental visits aren't that scary unless there is a serious issue to deal with. So maybe learning what is to come can help you overcome your fear of dentists.

  • Oral Examination: The most common thing that happens at a dentist's office is the oral exam. Your dentist will take a thorough look at your teeth, gums, and the surrounding structures for any signs of plaque, decay, or wear. Your dentist may measure the gum pockets to check for signs of any gum disease or gum recession. The dentist will check your bite to ensure that it is properly aligned. Overall, this is a very standard procedure, and there are low chances you will feel any pain during this.
  • Professional Cleaning: Afterwards, the dental hygienist will perform a professional cleaning on your teeth. A scaler will be used to scrape excess plaque and tartar off your teeth. This process allows dentists to remove plaque and tartar in areas unreachable by your toothbrush or floss and help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Dental Consultation: Unless there is any serious issue that needs to be addressed, your dental visit will end with the dentist discussing your oral and overall health. They will let you know if you need any additional tests or treatments and give you any suggestions required to improve your oral health.

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Posted on Dec 27, 2021
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