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5 Healthy Habits for Great Oral Health

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Good oral and dental health can go a long way – you need healthy teeth and gums to save yourself from painful and expensive dental procedures. But maintaining good oral health is not easy for everyone, especially with our busy schedules; dental health can become the last of our priorities – which is definitely the wrong move. If you have an inconsistent oral care routine and are looking for easy ways to take care of your oral health – this article is for you. Here are 5 healthy habits that will help you maintain a healthy oral cavity.

5 Healthy Habits for Great Oral Health

  1. Brushing Twice a Day

Brushing is the first and foremost rule for maintaining healthy teeth. You need to brush your teeth twice a day to make sure your teeth are free of any bacteria. Ensure you brush before breakfast and not after to get rid of microorganisms that might go in your gut with your food. Brush before sleeping every night to remove any food particles stuck between your teeth – that may cause tooth decay and bad breath.

  1. Don't Forget Your Tongue

Most people don't know this, but along with your teeth, you also need to take care of your tongue. Your tongue also holds small food particles, which can lead to bacteria in your mouth. Make sure you scrape your tongue at least twice a day with a tongue scraper.

  1. Flossing is a Must

Flossing is a habit every person must establish from a young age – flossing helps get rid of food particles stuck between the teeth and gums. You need to floss your teeth every day to make sure your teeth are not holding any food particles. This will prevent plaque formation, tooth decay, and gum disease.

  1. Avoid Soda and Eat the Greens

Soda is the worst thing you can consume for your teeth. The chemicals in soda can eat up your teeth and weaken them. They can also lead to your teeth deterioration; hence, it is best to crunch green vegetables that are good for teeth and maintain gum health!

  1. Add Fluoride to your Routine

Fluoride is essential for strong teeth and a healthy oral cavity. You need to make sure you are adding fluoride to your routine – you can get fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash containing fluoride.


Your oral health is just as important as keeping other parts of your body healthy – if you don't prioritize your oral health, you might suffer later. This is your time to adopt these 5 healthy habits to maintain healthy teeth and gums!

Posted on Aug 22, 2022
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