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New Technologies in Dentistry

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Like almost every other field, dentistry is also witnessing rapid evolution through the incorporation of groundbreaking technologies. From better X-ray and analysis tools to painless treatments, a lot has been made possible through sophisticated tech. These advancements, which are bound to continue, will transform the future of dental medicine much more than they already have.

Here are some of the most state-of-the-art technologies that dentists in Wichita, Kansas are currently using:

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are quicker and emit less radiation than older X-ray technology. The image from a patient's digital X-ray arrives on the system in just a few seconds. In order to give a more accurate assessment and to inform the patient about their oral health, your dentist might then enlarge the image. Since they emit up to 90% less radiation than conventional X-rays, digital X-rays are safer for patients.

Laser Assisted Dentistry

Lasers are utilized in a variety of dental operations to increase effectiveness and reduce pain, including cavity filling, sensitivity reduction, tumor removal, and teeth whitening. In order to prevent any more complications or issues, laser dentistry is quick, painless, and capable of successfully eradicating any type of bacteria while the process is being done.


Tooth decay can be cured quickly, easily, and painlessly using HealOzone. As it contains ozone (O3), a common natural gas that efficiently kills bacteria and fungi, HealOzone is effective. Before tooth decay advances to a more severe stage, HealOzone is an excellent tool for spotting and eliminating any early symptoms.


Your teeth can be softly straightened with Invisalign, which are transparent, nearly invisible braces. They offer a quick, easy, and comfortable alternative to wearing bulky, uncomfortable braces to straighten your smile. The removal of Invisalign braces for cleaning is simple, and there are no food restrictions with these aligners. They complete the task more quickly and with less trouble.


Modern dentists in Wichita, Kansas have shunned traditional ways and are adopting newer technologies. If you are looking for a clinic with advanced modern tools and techniques, get in touch with Auburn Family Dental today.

Posted on Oct 24, 2022
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