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When to Save a Tooth and When Dental Extractions Are Needed

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Nobody ever wants to lose their teeth. It’s not just that it ruins your perfect smile, but it also affects your ability to chew and bite, eventually leading to other issues. However, there are times when there is no option other than a tooth extraction. Knowing when teeth can be saved and when a dental extraction is essential can make a lot of difference. Awareness and knowledge can help people make informed decisions about their own oral health and that of their family members.

How Teeth Can Be Saved

Teeth have both aesthetic and functional purposes. Protecting the oral cavity starts with caring about it through brushing and flossing regularly. Still, there are times when even after the best care, accidents or diseases can arise due to various reasons. Individuals can do their best to ensure that they avoid too many sweet and sticky substances, as these are the main catalysts behind cavities and infections. When a tooth can be and can’t be saved is decided by your dentist.

When a Tooth Can’t Be Saved

There are several instances where a Wichita dental office will recommend an extraction. These include problems like trauma, disease, and crowding within the oral cavity. Dental professionals make a call for extraction when conventional repair work like crowns or fillings fails to be effective. In most cases, the recession of gums reduces the support that is available for teeth. When this happens, extractions become unavoidable.

Types of Extractions

There are two major types of extractions. They are simple and surgical extractions. Simple extractions involve pulling teeth but without making any cuts or incisions. As the name indicates, surgical extractions are more complex as they require additional surgical steps like an incision in the gums. The appropriate procedure is decided by a Wichita dentist office and is done under anesthesia.


Knowing when you can save your teeth or when an extraction is inevitable can help in a lot of ways. The final decision can be made only after consultation with a dentist.

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Posted on Jul 11, 2022
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