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Why Do You Need Dental X-Rays?

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Got a broken bone? Get an x-ray done to check for the extent of the damage. But why do you need a dental x-ray?

Many individuals visiting a dental clinic often ask why dental x-rays are necessary, especially when someone believes they have excellent dental health.

Let’s find out.

X-Rays Allow Dentists to Look Deeper Than The Surface

A dental checkup allows dentists to look for any dental issues on the surface, but what if something is going on at the tip of the root? Or underneath the gums?

That’s where you need a dental x-ray, as it enables dentists to look deeper than the surface. Hence, dental x-rays serve as a great diagnostic tool that allows dentists to be proactive in identifying and treating any potential oral problem that’s not visible to the naked eye.

Diagnostic X-Rays

Diagnostic x-rays are used to provide a complete overview of your oral health. These x-rays are typically taken once a year during a checkup and cleaning and are used to diagnose any problems like tooth decay and bone loss. Usually, an x-ray is required prior to dental treatment, like a root canal, dental implant, or a tooth extraction.

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Posted on Feb 13, 2023
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