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Adult Braces & Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Them

Adult BracesAs the years have gone by, we’ve seen more and more adults choosing to receive orthodontic treatment. A few of the reasons to consider adult braces include improving your smile, boosting your confidence, and correcting improper bites that can cause pain and dental problems.

We know that braces in adulthood can seem intimidating and embarrassing. However, we also know that the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks.

Reasons To Receive Braces In Adulthood

  1. Confidence Boost – When you have a straight, beautiful smile, your confidence will soar. If you’re ashamed of your teeth, it can have a negative impact on all aspects of your life. Get braces, and be proud of your smile!
  2. Healthier Teeth – When teeth are misaligned and overlap, it can make it more difficult to reach all the areas of the mouth with a toothbrush. Because of this inability to get to the nooks and crannies of the teeth, you may experience an accumulation of plaque and tartar. This can cause many dental problems, including dental cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.
  3. Straight Teeth – It’s possible for your teeth to begin to shift around in your mouth, no matter how old you are. Shifting teeth can be stressful and can even cause headaches and jaw pain when the teeth don’t align properly.
  4. Affordability – Braces may have been difficult to afford in the past, but that’s changing. Now there are plenty of financing options and your insurance may even help out a little, depending on the reason for receiving orthodontic treatment.
  5. Less Noticeable – Technology has come a long way, which means braces have become more comfortable and less noticeable as the years have gone by. If you’re afraid of having a metal smile thanks to traditional braces, rest assured that you have many more options to choose from!

If you’d like more information about adult braces, or to schedule an appointment at our Wichita, KS family dental office, please don’t hesitate to contact Auburn Family Dental. Your smile is important to us!

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