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Dry Sockets & How to Prevent Them After a Tooth Extraction

Woman with dry socket tooth painAfter a tooth is pulled, there is the risk of developing a condition known as ‘dry sockets.’ While this condition can be treated, it is very painful and we recommend doing all you can to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

What are Dry Sockets?

Once a tooth is pulled, a clot should form in order to protect the suddenly-exposed nerves and bone of the empty socket. If something happens to dislodge this clot or prevent it from forming, the socket can become infected, which is known as dry socket.

While a certain amount of pain is normal after a tooth extraction, there are a few ways to spot the symptoms of dry sockets. For example, if the pain suddenly becomes more severe, if you develop a fever, or if the pain begins to radiate toward the ear.

Risk Factors for Dry Sockets

There are a few factors that can place you at a higher risk of developing dry sockets after the removal of a tooth. Dry sockets are more likely to occur if you:

  • Use hormonal birth control
  • Are taking a blood thinning medication
  • Have a history of having dry sockets in the past
  • Smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco
  • Have a history of poor oral hygiene

Following the extraction of a tooth, please make sure to follow any post-op instructions given to you by Dr. Behnaz Raisdana including taking any prescription medication given to you. If you are concerned that you may be suffering from a dry socket, please contact Auburn Family Dental. Our Wichita dentist is here to help. Find a Wichita nearest dentist today for your dental care.

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