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Information About Glossitis

Mouth smilingUp to 80% of us has a type of fungi that naturally occurs in the mouth. These fungi are called candida albicans. When the numbers are low enough, candida albicans is just a harmless part of your mouth’s flora. But if the numbers begin to rise, a fungal infection can occur. One of the infections caused by candida albicans is called glossitis. This article will discuss some of the information you should know about this oral fungal infection.

Glossitis Causes

Glossitis can occur for a number of reasons. These particular fungi are opportunistic, meaning that they will take advantage of the times when the oral environment changes. These changes in the oral environment can include dry mouth, dentures, nutritional deficiencies, or a compromised immune system.

Glossitis Symptoms

The most obvious symptom of glossitis is a reddish lesion appearing on the middle or towards the back of the tongue. This lesion may appear to be lumpy and is usually oval-shaped. Unless you notice the lesion when brushing your tongue, you may not even know that it’s there or that you’re suffering from glossitis. If you do notice a lesion on your tongue, please contact Auburn Family Dental.

Glossitis Treatment

A saliva sample will be taken to confirm that you do indeed have glossitis. Once this diagnosis has been confirmed, an antifungal medication will be used to treat it. After the infection has been cleared completely, the goal will be to prevent it from returning. As long as you can perform good at-home oral hygiene and make sure to visit our office every six months for a dental cleaning and exam, you should be able to keep the glossitis at bay. You may want to consider using an antimicrobial mouthwash as well.

If you have a lesion that you believe may be glossitis or to make an appointment for a dental cleaning and exam, please contact Auburn Family Dental. Our general dentistry office is located here in Wichita, KS.

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