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Valentine’s Day Trivia

Woman blowing heartsValentine’s Day is a great excuse to spoil our loved ones and let them know how much we appreciate them. But if you’ve ever wondered about Valentine’s Day and the traditions behind it, the following list is for you!

Fun Valentine’s Day Trivia

Below are a few fun and interesting facts about the day of love and how we celebrate it:

  • Procrastination is common around Valentine’s Day – over 50% of cards purchased for Valentine’s Day are bought between February 9th-14th.
  • Approximately 9 million pet owners will buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets each year.
  • Teachers receive more Valentine’s Day cards than anyone else. They’re followed closely by kids, moms, and spouses.
  • Around 15 or 20% of women will purchase Valentine’s Day flowers for themselves – go for it, ladies!
  • During the Middle Ages, young adults would have their Valentines chosen for them by drawing names from a bowl. They would wear the name of their Valentine on their shirtsleeve for the whole week. This is the origin of the saying “wearing your heart on your sleeve.”
  • Lastly, men spend almost double on Valentine’s Day gifts than women do. For example, a man spends an average of $150, while women only spend around $80.

Here at Auburn Family Dental, we want to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Valentine’s Day! To make an appointment with Dr. Behnaz Raisdana, please contact us at our Wichita, Kansas family dental office.

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