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15 Signs You Need to See a Dentist ASAP

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Ignoring signs of dental issues can be fatal. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), about 2 million people a year head to the emergency room on account of dental. The truth is that a lot of these can be avoided by ensuring you're visiting your dentist for regular checkups at least bi-yearly and not avoiding initial signs of dental issues.

If you experience any pain, swelling, bleeding, or any other unusual symptom in your mouth, it is crucial to seek urgent dental care. Otherwise, the underlying issues could become worse quickly.

Following are some of the common symptoms of dental issues that should not be ignored.

  • You suffer extreme tooth sensitivity while consuming hot, cold, or spicy foods.
  • Your gums are red, inflamed, or bleeding.
  • Your gums are pulling away from the teeth.
  • Your tooth feels numb.
  • Your teeth feel loose or are on the verge of falling out (or have fallen out).
  • Your jaw is swollen, clicks, or wouldn't open.
  • You experience difficulty or pain while chewing.
  • You are suffering from persistent bad breath.
  • You have a persistent bad taste in your mouth.
  • You have a consistently dry mouth.
  • Pus is collecting in your mouth.
  • Your mouth sore does not disappear within 7 to 14 days.
  • You notice white spots appearing on your teeth.
  • You feel a change in your tongue's texture.
  • Anything usual about your tongue should be reported to a dentist.

If you notice any of the above symptoms and are in search of a dentist, please consider Auburn Family Dental. We are a family dentistry practice in Wichita KS, and can help you with almost any dental issue you may be suffering from.

Posted on Feb 22, 2021
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