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3 Reasons for a Toothache

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While you might believe that your teeth must experience a perceptible change before you experience tooth pain, there are actually many possible reasons for dental pain, some of which you may never detect. A few examples include an abundance of germs, teeth grinding (bruxism), impacted wisdom teeth, cavities, or gingivitis.

Additionally, a toothache can manifest in a variety of ways, including swollen and irritable gums, an infection-related unpleasant taste in the mouth, a headache, a fever, an ache from applying pressure to the teeth, and acute, pulsing, or continuous mouth pain.

Here are the top reasons for tooth pain, along with quick fixes, in case it's bothering you and preventing you from going about your daily activities.

  1. Decay of Cavity/Tooth

A dental cavity is the most frequent reason for toothaches. The leading cause of cavities is typically inadequate dental care, including failure to floss or brush regularly. They leave a tiny hole in your tooth, which has the potential to enlarge and deepen with time. Additionally, cavities can develop when sweet meals and saliva combine, causing your tooth to erode.

  1. Infected Tooth

An infection that has spread to the tooth's "pulp chamber," also known as the root tip or the area around the root, is referred to as an abscessed tooth. This may lead to diseased roots, possible bone loss where the infection is located, extreme pain, or enlarged gums. And, of course, an excruciating toothache at times. 

  1. Gum Illness

Americans over 35 are more likely than not to get gingivitis, commonly called periodontal disease. The most typical form of gum disease is gingivitis, while periodontitis, which is more severe, affects 5%–15% of people.


While there may be a number of explanations behind persistent tooth pain, the good thing is that the majority of the aforementioned factors are totally avoidable. Every toothache can be treated by maintaining good hygiene, abstaining from bad habits like teeth clenching, and visiting your dentist frequently.

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Posted on Nov 28, 2022
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