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How Oral Health Changes As You Age?

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Proper care of your mouth and oral health becomes even more vital when you get older. One prevalent misunderstanding is that tooth loss is unavoidable. This isn't correct. Teeth can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

As you get older, your mouth changes. Your teeths' nerves can shrink with time, making them less sensitive to cavities and other problems. If you don't undergo regular dental exams, these issues may go unnoticed until it's too late.

One could be amazed how much of an impact oral health can make if you want to live well, remain healthy, and look beautiful throughout your lifetime.

Tips To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Brush twice a day using a toothbrush that has soft bristles to maintain and improve your oral health. Using an electric toothbrush can be beneficial.

Floss or another flossing tool should be used once a day to clean your teeth.

Remember to clean your dentures daily if you have full or partial dentures. Every day, leave your dentures out of your mouth for at least four hours. It is preferable to take them out before going to bed.

Drink water from the tap because it usually contains fluoride, which helps to prevent tooth decay in people of all ages.

Stop smoking. In addition to increasing your chance of lung and other cancers, smoking also raises your risk of gum disease, tooth loss, and dental decay.

Make an appointment with your dentist and visit them regularly for a thorough dental examination.

Last Thought

You can safeguard your smile for a lifetime by practicing good oral hygiene at home, making sensible dietary and lifestyle choices, and seeing a dentist regularly, whether you have natural teeth, implants, or prosthetics. If we take care of our teeth starting from a young age, our oral health won't be affected during adulthood.

If you want to protect your oral health as you age– or for any other reason – visit a dentist immediately. If you reside in Wichita, KS, consider visiting Auburn Family Dental.

Posted on Aug 23, 2021
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