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Warnings of DIY Dentistry

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DIY – ‘Do It Yourself’ dentistry is not a new concept. People’s curiosity to try new things has existed long before the advent of the internet or social media trends. Especially when experimenting with cheap and simple at-home hacks, people will believe anything to avoid going to the dental office (or so it seems). These hacks can range from scaling teeth with a sewing needle to applying baking soda on teeth for a whiter smile. While some might be harmless, others can be extremely dangerous. Please don’t try this at home, under any circumstance.

DIY Dentistry and Associated Risks

Following are common teeth-related problems patients face and the associated risks if an attempt has been made to fix them through DIY dentistry. 

  • Excessive Teeth Grinding

Due to stressful times, reports have shown increased teeth grinding and people purchasing over-the-counter mouth guards. Unfortunately, these drugstore mouth guards can lead to ulcers in the gums and movement of teeth. If this has happened to you or anyone you know, it is advised that you visit your nearest dentist today and get a properly fabricated custom mouth guard for your teeth.

  • Cracked Dentures

Dentures that break in half cannot be repaired with DIY hacks or denture repair kits available for purchase online. These kits are unsafe to use because they can contain harsh chemicals that are not suitable for ingestion.  

  • Chipped Teeth

Another DIY hack surfacing is filing teeth with a nail file to fix uneven teeth with rough edges or chipped corners. Not only is it damaging to your teeth, but it can also lead to an infection. 

In a world where information is so accessible, be careful about what you stumble upon. Dentistry is certainly not a DIY endeavor, so please visit your dentist routinely.

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Posted on Aug 9, 2021
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