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How the Tooth Fairy Can Reinforce Good Oral Hygiene Habits for Kids

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When you picture the Tooth Fairy, you may see a flying sprite complete with tutu and wand who exchanges a child’s lost teeth with coins or treats left under the child’s pillow. The Tooth Fairy can also be a fantastic way to teach your kids about the importance of healthy teeth!

How the Tooth Fairy Can Reinforce Good Oral Hygiene Habits for Kids

Below are a few fun ways to use the Tooth Fairy as an opportunity to teach your kids to care for their teeth:

  • Give dental health goodies – The Tooth Fairy leaves money at more than 97% of American homes! Instead of rewarding your kids with cash, consider leaving a new toothbrush featuring a favorite character, a fun flavor of toothpaste, or a book about the Tooth Fairy or the dentist.
  • Introduce the Tooth Fairy early on – Kids start losing their teeth around the ages of 5 or 6. But even before then, you can be teaching your children about the Tooth Fairy. Let them know that healthy teeth and good habits will make the Tooth Fairy so happy! Use this discussion as a tool to teach your kids and focus on fine-tuning their dental routine. This can also be a great time to take your kids to the dentist for a cleaning and a checkup!
  • Leave a note reinforcing good oral hygiene habits – A personalized note from the Tooth Fairy could be very fun and positive for your kids! In the note, praise the child for leaving a healthy tooth, and remind him or her to keep brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist every six months.

At the end of the day, no matter what treat the Tooth Fairy leaves at your house, her existence has been fostered goodwill towards dental hygiene for generations! When these good habits are established in childhood, they will carry over into adulthood!

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Posted on Sep 28, 2020
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